By T. Perry Bowers

I love musicians. I have chosen to surround myself with them since I was seventeen years old, earlier than that, if you consider my high school musical theater career. Singing and playing instruments has been one of my daily personal disciplines (and loves) for over thirty years. I once thought I would “make it” as a musician. I saw myself traveling the world with my band. I saw myself in recording studios making hit records. I had it all…in my head.

I recently closed my commercial recording studio after almost twenty-five years in the business. I…

By T. Perry Bowers

Young Rockers

I’ve always had a sound in my head. Ever since I heard My Bloody Valentine, Jane’s Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, The Verve, Catherine Wheel, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Etc, I have wanted my band to sound something like that. The tones, the drama, the tension, the rhythm. Listening to bands like that, call them psychedelic, guitar rock, hard rock, alternative hard rock, made me want to create my own sound, but like theirs.

I remember when I first actually had a band of my own of which I could feel proud. I…

Old School

I bought my first four-track recorder when I was twenty or twenty-one. I knew nothing about sound engineering. I barely knew anything about sound. I had a PA system and a microphone that I used to sing through in my practice space. I had a couple of amps for the guitar players in my bands. I had a drum set for the drummer. (Why do the singers have to have all the gear?). But, that’s about it.

When I purchased that rudimentary piece of recording equipment, I dove into a brand new world. Recording is like holding up a mirror…

By T. Perry Bowers

This is a heavy time. We, humans, are facing things we haven’t had to face in a long time, if ever. Being locked down and separated from our fellow humans is not natural. We may not all agree whether the powers that be are doing this for our benefit or not, but that’s not germane to this blog. The question is how do we get through it?

Our cities are changing. There has been a spike in crime rates. Buildings have been burned. …

Stay on it.

By T. Perry Bowers

I recently read a book by Aikido practitioner (Aikidoka) George Leonard called Mastery. He talks about what it means to be on the path of Mastery. Note, I said to be on the path of mastery, not being a master. Mr. Leonard might consider himself to be a master Aikidoka (Aikido practitioner), but I’m not sure because he never says that. He says that he is on his path to Mastery.

It often seems, from the outside, when we see people on the path of mastery, that they are masters. But, to the people on the…

By T. Perry Bowers

I’ve had my own commercial recording studio for over twenty years. I recently decided to close it. You can read my previous blog “Why I’m Closing my Recording Studio” if you want to know more about that. I still want to record. I have a band and I have a handful of clients that I would still like to help when they need help.

My Gear

I could have just kept my recording studio rig and set it up in my jam space, but I decided to start fresh. Of course, I’m going to keep a…

By T. Perry Bowers

This is huge for me. I’ve been in the recording business for more than twenty years. It has always been a huge passion of mine. It’s been such a huge passion that I’ve been willing to lose money doing it. More on that later because it’s not exactly what you might think.

The main reason I’m shutting down my recording studio is time. I just don’t have the time to dedicate myself to it anymore. My engineering skills are somewhat outdated. I consider myself a good tracking engineer, but I can’t mix and edit like some…

By T. Perry Bowers

It makes me sound old I know. All these young whippersnapper bands and their tracks are just ruining music I tell you! Not really, mostly I’m kidding. I was having a discussion with some of my close friends the other night at dinner and I realized that I don’t like it (most of the time) when bands play live to tracks.

Maybe some of you don’t know what that is so I’ll explain it. Often times bands will play backing tracks alongside their live tracks. They will have an in-ear monitoring rig (headphones that stick inside…

By T. Perry Bowers


This hunting season I’ve been asked to lead a group of hunters. It’s strange for me because I am a relatively new hunter myself. I’ve managed to kill some deer and I was able to harvest a mature buck this year. But, to be honest, it’s mostly been pure luck and sheer will.

I am good at challenging myself. I’ve achieved a brown belt in Aikido (my goal is black). I learned to play guitar at an older age. I play drums regularly. I try to shoot my bow every day. I meditate every day and…

It’s all about the vibe.

By T. Perry Bowers

When I was in my early twenties, I decided I wanted to be a musician. I met my musical partner every day at our rehearsal space in Saint Paul at 7 pm and we practiced. Eventually, I bought a four-track cassette recorder, then an eight-track and a few rack units. Soon, I was recording demos for my own bands. We used our dumpy practice spot for everything. We didn’t have the money to rent a high priced studio. We just wanted to constantly create and record music. Our rehearsal space was our life.

Eventually, some bands…

T. Perry Bowers

I do my best to give up and coming musicians advice and strategies to help them on their journey to success.

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